Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chili's- Horrible Service..


  • Name: Chili’s
  • Location: Khalidya, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 671 6300
  • Cuisine: American
  • Price: Dhs 100-300
  • Website : http://www.chilisuae.com/en/2/menu

I like the food, but I hate the Egyptian waiters there, they are "NOT" polite and RUDE, they never understand what you order is, they always mix up our order and they are stinky!! **Damn yes I am MAAAAAD**
I wish if I could kick the hell outta them!!

Once, I saw my order sitting on the counter for 30 minutes, while the damn waiter was simply chatting with his friend..
He got it for us after 30 minutes and when I told him that the order was sitting there for 30 mins getting cold!!
He simply “SWEARS BY GOD” that it wasn’t!!" like 10 times continually!!
 What the hell!! And I asked to Re-heat it, same thing happened again, forgotten on the counter, while he was "AGAIN" chatting with his big ugly mouth" I am not Racist, I am MAD" !!
I wish if they would still have the Pilipino waiters, they were SO GOOD, clean, sweet, friendly understand the order and most importantly POLITE!!
I love the creamy Mashed Potatoes they serve, but at the same time I hate going there, because of the service and STUPID waiters.. 
Here are some of the food!! The mashed potatoes is the best mashed potatoes you can EVER have..

Boneless Chicken Wings, Spicy and good :) 

Veggie Southern Wrap
Classic Cheese Nachos 

Ah, it is such a waste when a place with great food like Chili's gets ruined for stupid service. I remember when this place used to be one of the greatest restaurants with great service. This is the reason why I am VERY MAD, the food is great but the @$$#@$$# are ruining the place!!

For me, going to a restaurant to eat must be fun, not getting furiously mad, so Chili's is a big “NO” for me..

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yes, I can COOK :p

Ok, many many many of you sweet angels are wondering and asking me: " Don't you ever cook or Eat at home??  :p"

Well, to answer that, I do cook at home and they are very yummy and I am very good at it..
BUT, for me cooking  should be PERFECT, so unless I am in a really good mood, believe me you don't want me to cook or eat what I cook, LOL..

I hate cooking while I am not in the mood for it, I feel the Flavour won't be so good..
The same goes for eating, you won't eat or enjoy it unless you are in the mood for it, so yeaaaaaaah, for me everything goes back to what and how I feel.. You'll know what I mean when you will see the desserts pics :D
Food should be art, it should look WOW and taste even WOWer

Here are some pics of what I do cook every now and then.. as you will notice you will see most of the stuff are vegetarian, since I hate seafood or red meat, so you will see maybe one of these :p
I love carbs, pasta, noodles, rice and desserts of course.. Oh, I also love these late night snacks while I am working on my blog.. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rice Pudding, so good :)
 Cookies I just love the colours :D
 Fruits!! Healthy,Yummy and with Chocolate!!
 Chocolate Moose, everything with sprincles looks better :D
 Strawberries Cheesecake :D aint that cook!!!
 Blueberry Jelly Topped with Blueberry Cream
 Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cheesecake, I am not a huge fan of it..
 Flan, Cake and Jelly cubes :D
 I got the recipe for these amazing Chocolate Crinkles from I can't remember where, they were so darn good :)
 Typical chocolate cupcakes :D

Here comes the food!!!
Stuffed Grape Leaves!! so lemony and good
 This is my all time Fav, Roasted Potatoes with lots of garlic and rosemary :D
 Fried Rice and Soy Chicken
 Grilled Chicken Breast Topped with cheese
 Mixed Veggie Noodles

Baked Chicken with Veggies, NOT my type..

 Another one of my FAV, Rice with Vegetable stew.. Vegetarian, simple and yummy
 Another Vegetarian goodness, Stuffed Potatoes and Carrots, SO good
 Corn Dogs :D fun food
 Meatloaf, stuffed with boiled eggs
 Mixed Appetizers, Cheese Sambosa and puff pasteries
Chicken Majboos (it is more like a Paella) with spicy hot sauce :D
Potatoes Soup with cheese, so yummy and creamy and filling :D
 Creamy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, anything with cheese gets better :D
 Fried rice and meatballs, not my type..
 Penne Pasta with Sharp Cheddar :D Yape Vegetarian aint boring!!
 Spaghetti pizza, got the recipe from can't remember where :p exactly a like a pizza, any topping you like, you can make it vegetarian or beef, but the dough is cooked spaghetti mixed with some eggs..
 Penne, Tomatoes and Veggies.. Hell Yummy
 Pasta with White Sauce.. my Trade Mark, my whole family ask me to do this :p
 Koshari, an Egyption Dish, consist of different layers of rice, pasta, different types of chickpea, crispy onions topped with spicy hot sauce..
in case you are wondering, here is a quick link for the recipe

 Fried rice, with shredded chicken
 Vegetarian Fried Rice..
 Chicken Skewers
 Cheese Pizza
 Potatoes Croquette
 Rainbow Rice, kids LOVE it :D
 Chicken Mayo Sandwich
 Egg Mayo Sandwich
 Mini Falafel Sandwich, still Vegetarian and yummy
Oh, Lets not forget my Favourite drinks too
 Fresh Lemon and Mint Juice..
 Watermelon Lemonad, soooo refreshing..
Who wanna come over for dinner!!
 LOL, after all I am not that BAD :p but I am only little bit lazy :p

P.S.: for some whom are wondering!! I used to be vegetarian all my teenage years (against killing poor speechless animals). Then hardly went back to ONLY chicken breast since it is white and not fleshy red.. red meat makes me sick..