Saturday, February 16, 2013

French- Fauchon Cafe

Fauchon Cafe

Name: Fauchun Cafe
Location: Etihad Tower, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 667 2690
Cuisine: French
Price: Dhs 200-350

OMG, I am crazy about the fluffy FAT spongy omelet they offer, I never went so crazy about an omelet like I did with this, I TOTALLY love it..
The place is cool with nice classy decor, I looooooooooove the Menu as well, Look how cute and funky it is :D

The breakfast range is amazing and not very expensive for such fancy place "Emirates Tower", I thought it would be waaaaaaaaay more expensive..Well, only breakfast range is reasonable, but lunch, dinner and desserts ! are hell expensive :p
Here is the star of the place "at least my star" :p Cheese Omelet @38

Hash Brown, unfortunately it doesn't come with my lovely omelet, I have to order it separately for AED 10 worth every penny
 And here are many many other yummies, but a bit expensive for such "MINI" meals, these mini sandwiches are "CLUB SANDWICH" "Chicken Burger" we thought they are normal satisfying  we were shocked when we saw the size :p

BUT 2 things that I hated about Fauchun Café.. the STUPID girls!! The showoff fake classy girls, they r always at that café, just to tell people "oh, look at me, I am so fake and classy"
The 2nd thing that I totally hated about the place is the chocolate :p
Yes the chocolate :D
 I was shocked when I bought some chocolates!!
Damn these people should have price tags on the chocolates!! They don't!! I hate it, they SHOCK you literally on the counter..
Ok, here we go about what happened to me, after breakfast, I though why not buy some chocolates to enjoy on my way back!!! I went there and saw these tiny cute 4 pieces wrapped chocolates, I took 2 packs!! How much would that cost, it won't be that expensive!!

I was shocked when the lady told me AED 157, which is around $$53!! WHICH is quiet EXPENSIVE!!
I was shocked, my face went :O but I controlled my face eventually :p LOL
and I said "Ok", never mind and bough it, anyways, enough about that damn chocolate :p

Fauchun Cafe is good, classy, and offers amazing breakfast.. it is a must try :D
Will I go there again!! DAMN YES I will as much as I can to have that breakfast omelet and the amazing desserts..

Love ya all, Hope you allare having a great weekend

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1st time to Pasris

Hi sweet bloggers,

I am far far away from blogging lately, but i do miss all your sweet blogs..
Suddenly out of nowhere I decided that I will go to "PARIS" I've never ever been to any Europe country before.. I got my tickets and visa..
I did a small search about Paris, places to go, I have these on my list:

-Eiffel Tower taking the lift all the way upto the top will cost 14 Euro

- Seine River Cruise for 1 hour!! 15 Euro!! There is another cruise for 4 hours 36 Euro!!

- Paris Bus tour 26 Euro!!

A visit to the Wax museum 22 Euro!! Another visit to the Louvre museum 15 Euro!! Both museums will need a whole day.. what do you think!!

I will stay there for 6 days, I am sooooooooooooooo worried, scared and confused. I heard lots of scary mobbing stuff happening there, specially that I am a girl totally alone, not even with a tour group!!

I didn't decide, which hotel to stay yet, I am looking for a cheap affordable hotel close to Eiffel tower!! I found "Grenelle Paris Tour Eiffel" and "Adagio Paris Tour Eiffel", which were close but not really affordable !!??

Any tips!!
I would appreciate every single reply or comment you will leave!!

Anything at all that will help my 1st visit to Paris!!

Yeaah, I will be totally alone in Paris on Valentine's day!! How romantic is that haa!!??

Anyone of you bloggers out there in Paris!!


I need your help guys <3