Sunday, March 17, 2013

Buonissimo Café, Best Penne

Buonissimo Café
  • Name: Buonissimo Cafe
  • Location: Dalma Mall, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 550 6111
  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Price: Dhs 100-200
I have this adorable li'l cousin “MEMO” who knows how much I love pasta and food, so one day he said come I wanna take you to new place for dinner and maybe you will write about it!
Of course I went “YAAAAAAAAAAAAY” for the idea “and for more food”, we went to this small café called “Buonissimo Cafe”
Nice place with mini TV next to each table :D
I ordered Penne Arabiata and OH MAAAAAAAN, it was the best Penne Arabiata I’ve EVER EVER had in my life
Usually “Penne Arabiata” is just tomato garlic herby standard sauce, but this one, they added cream cheese sauce to it!!
MAN, it was so rich and creamy and GOOOOOOOD.. WOW I could eat this every single day till am sick of it :p
 Here are some pics of the other food we ordered on our next and third visit :p

BUT, now the serious part, the “BUT” part!! DESSERTS!! Man, even though it looked amazingly good and I couldn’t wait to try it!! We were so disappointed :’(
All these desserts are Ice cream stuffed with sponge cake, they look really GOOD, but you know when the desserts tastes like “FRIDGE”!! I mean it was in the fridge for over a week and it doesn’t taste fresh at all with a hint of a weird smell! That was our case
So “Buonissimo Cafe” ,for me means amazing food, but bad desserts. Will I go there again?
You BET I WILL, I would never say no to a place that offers great food, I can always have my dessert somewhere else :p
Love ya all

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pappa Roti, Yummy Buns

This may sound silly to some, but sometimes the simplest things in life are the yummiest..
Something like having a steaming fluffy hot bun with any drink for as cheap as AED 25 only, a regular coffee would cost more than that in another cafe, right!!
You can simply have the bun *which is so good* or topp with chocolate or caramel sauce!! Sky is your limit :D
The best drink there is the famous Tea with milk, it goes perfectly well with the steaming bun..
Chocolate Frap, mmmmm, wasn't that yummy if you are a starbuck's Frapp addict. It had too much MILK flavor in it..
Here are some pics :D
For me, this place is a real yummy treat, no beef or chicken :p  delicious and cheap.
A winner

Friday, March 1, 2013

Samosa, Great Appetizer

Sammosa Corner
  • Name: Sammosa Corner
  • Location: Muroor , Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 444 7377
  • Cuisine: Sambosa
  • Price: Dhs 10-50
OK, this is not considered a "real" food, it is more like an appetizer, a snack or simply warming up your tummy for real food :p
Sammosa Corner is an amazing little shop, specialized in "samosa" ONLY
And MAAAAAAAAN it tastes so darn good!! Any "samosa", any filling you can think of!! You can find it here..
They have lamb, beef, chicken and even camel *yuck*!! Believe it or no!!
But for me, I always prefer the vegetarian option..
The mashed Potatoes "samosa"is to die for
Spinach "samosa"is very good too
Ah and the cream cheese with black olives!! So good :D
Eggs and cheese!!
This is the mixed Vegetable and Foul "fava beans"
Chicken!! Ah, not my type
And MAN how to end it!!?? NUTELLA "samosa"!! How amazing is that!!
A totally must try, Great vegetarian stuff with an endless list..
P.S. in case some don't know what Samosa is, it is a fried or baked pastry with a savory filling "usually", in a triangular shape