Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oven Express :D LOVE IT

Name: OVEN Express
Location: Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 667 8444
Cuisine: Pizza/ Fast Food
Price: Dhs 20-50
Oven Express is a new place, which was opened recently.. It is somehow a fast food/ Italian/ Lebanese place that offers regular pizza and pizza with a twist :D
Twisted Food always make me feel "HAPPY" yaaaaaaaaay
They have this amazing Double Crust Pizza ..filled with cheese and veggies, I am totally addicted to that, and my friend is addicted to the Chicken Fajita Pizza, all of them look the same but with different fillings :D
This is the regular Veggie Pizza, I loved that it had broccoli :D
Oh, and this is the double crust pizza, so so soooooo GOOD :D
Ohhhh they also have amazing Mini puffs, Love the Spinach Puff and parsley with cheese ones here it is :)
Oh, they also have "Manakeesh" it is basically oven bakes bread with many many toppings, from cheese with Zaatar "some sort herbs" (the pic below)  to sour cream with olives, they also have chicken and beef, in case you are wondering :p
Oven Express offers an amazing vegetarian range of pizza and puffs..
So , Yeaaaaaaaaah, a good place to have some yummy vegetarian food :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fuddruckers, Familys Classic :D

Name: Fuddruckers
Location: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 681 8160
Cuisine: American
Price: Dhs 50-200


For me Fuddruckers means family and friends..
Every time me, my cousins, family or friends wanna hang out; we go to Fuddruckers, TGI Fridays or Chillis..
Well, most of the time we do, why? I don’t know.. Maybe the friendly atmosphere that we can sit and chat for hours while having our drinks refilled :p
Nothing so WOW to write about, most of you know this place for sure and how good and classic the food is..

So here I stop my boring bla bla bla and leave you with the yummy pics :D
Ahhh, I am so in love with the fried Mozarella cheese sticks
Oh, the appetizer platter, sooo darn good, the veggie quesadilla is simply WOW, tastes more like a veggie pizza :D
My cousins are in love with the burgers and the sandwiches, I am not a huge fan of flesh :p

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and this part was from my Birthday <3
A friendly place, with good food, good service and reasonable prices! What is not to like?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cafe Du La Paix, Nice for Breakfast

Cafe De La Paix
OK, it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" for me getting older and creepier :D I didn't wanna write about a yucky restaurant, so here we go :D
Cafe De La Paix is one of my favourite places to have a relaxing breakfast, while watching people skating on the ice ring and falling on their A$$es while screaming :p lol.. Cafe De La Paix is located in the quiet part of Marina mall, I really enjoy going there to have an amazing Turkish Coffee with some of their AMAZING desserts :D Makes me wanna fly..
I totally fell in love with the chocolate Eclair , but the pistachio cake was ok
Another WOW was the strawberry sponge cake, so moist, fluffy, fresh and light, which goes perfectly well with the amazing Turkish coffee they have.
HEAVENLY!! Aint it !!??
The overall breakfast range they offer is good, but the Arabic Breakfast is simply amazing, pickled olives, feta and halloumi cheese, Labneh “more like sour cream”, and Foul “mashed fava beans with some veggies and olive oil” which is my favourite, so so soooooooooooooo darn good :D
I don’t wanna talk a lot and be boring, here are the rest of the pics:
They have Chicken and cheese Crepe, I didn't like, so smelly and Yucky, but I LOVED the Spinach and Cheese Crepe, SO darn good :D
So!! Yeah, it is a good place to go and enjoy a quiet morning and chill.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, here are some Pics of last night stuff that happened on my Birthday some silly surprises at work and from some of my silly friends :p It was an amazing Day

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Figaro's Pizza, Another Fail..

Figaro's Pizza
Here comes me, trying to be cool and going out to all NEW places when I am really hungry! Well, here comes a free advice, if you are really hungry, go to places you know :p
To be honest Figaro’s Pizza is not new, but I didn’t try it before, I am more a "Pizza Hut" fan. I was checking on Groupon the other day and I saw Figaro’s Pizza having a nice offer, very cheap price, so I said why not! What am gonna loose!!
I tried the Veggie Pizza, it was “OK”, if you will compare it to Pizza Hut totally not WOW
Cheese Sticks were OK..
Cheese bread was huge!! I was shocked when I saw them in a size of a blanket :p
Veggie Farfelle Pasta, TOO TOO oily, I couldn’t eat it, there was a huge thick layer of orange coloured oil sleeping underneath it :p
Oh, and the Veggie Calzone!! SUX, the dough was wet instead of fluffy and nice, it wasn't like how a pizza dough should be!! YUCK
Hmmmmmmmmm, will I go to Figaro’s Pizza again!! No, there are much better places for pastas..
If I am craving pizza there are “again” much fancier places for pizza, or even if I am craving JUNK pizza, I do LOVE Pizza hut. I will simply go to Pizza Hut..
Figaro’s Pizza was totally not the place for me..

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Horrible Jad Restaurant

JAD Restaurant
Name: JAD Restaurant
Location: Al Khaledya , Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 667 5445
Cuisine: Arabic
Price: Dhs 30-100
There is this old Egyptian Restaurant called JAD that I never tried and I see it all the time, so I though why not trying it for couple of days. I will see if the food they offer is good and I will have a new restaurant to write about too!!?? So thing won’t go very wrong!!?? Right?? Whom am I fooling!!??
Ok, 1st day wasn’t that bad, I had some vegetarian Foul (Fava Beans) and Falafel Sandwiches, they were “OK” nothing WOW about it

I was encouraged the next day to order something stronger :p
Soooooooo, I called JAD and ordered stuffed vine leaves, which was totally horrible, crispy, dry and yucky to the MAX

Then came my other shock for AED 30 for that amount you usually get a FULL amazing Kebab plate ((FYI “the best kebab plates in Abu Dhabi is for only AED 25 at Lebanese flower restaurant”..
The one I got from JAD had one had only 4 pieces of chicken and only 1 Kebab which was cut into 3 pieces!!

but the sides were good, hummus and yogurt and other stuff..
This was the creepiest strangest scariest soup I've ever seen before, I didn't even had the courage to try it, It went directly out the window :p
Ohhhhhhhhhhh and the worst!!?? Chicken Beryani, the Chicken was SOOOOO disgusting smelly and goes that I was this close to vomit, Even the rice had watery stuff in between!!?? how disgusting is that??!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh and here comes the dessert!!?? the looks say it all !!??
Creme Caramel!! totally burnt!! and a tasteless rice pudding!!
What the hell!! How bad can you be to have a restaurant!!??
People around here usually say Egyptian restaurants are cheap, dirty and the worst!! but I never believed it till today!! MAN they pissed the hell outta me..
So, Yeaaaah, JAD!!?? welcome to my X List..