Monday, December 24, 2012

"Circle Cafe" Elegant Healthy

Name: Circle Cafe
Location: Khalifa City , Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 5561 550
Cuisine: Cafe
Price: Dhs 50-100

Sorry for not writing lately, I was quiet busy changing the place I live and redecorating..I miss my blog and your wonderful encouraging comments :D so here we go again..

Circle Cafe is another cool cafe. I simply LOVE the white interior, makes you feel peaceful,like in heaven, clouds, angels :p
White chairs, white table, white vases, white roses, everything soooooooooo elegant..

The Menu looks  FUN, it is like a Newspaper

I went there several times and I guess I will go there even more to try more of the yummy food they offer..
Circle Cafe offers “Small bites” section in the Menu, which I love.
 If you are not really hungry and wanna go for something light, its perfect, here are some..
Mixed vegetables and hummus dips AED 25 (Yummingly Healthy)

Bagel chips and sour cream dip AED 20 (YAY)

A Classic typical Mac n cheese for AED 44 ( Didn’t make me go WOW)

Chicken tikka wrap for AED 36 (it was SO good)

Falafel wrap for AED 30

More yummies :D

Yape, you can see from the pics that Circle Cafe is a cool place with yummy food .. it is a nice place to hang in with friends..

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Sweet readers, let me say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all of you. See you all next year :D

Be Safe all of ya <3

Friday, November 30, 2012

KebabZ and BunZ !!

KebabZ and BunZ

Name: KebabZ and BunZ
Location: Corniche , Abu Dhabi
Tel: 055 4224 666
Cuisine: Fast Food
Price: Dhs 25-50

KebabZ and BunZ is more like a junk food place, locally, not very well known!!
Of course you can’t compare it to Burger King or MacDonald’s, but for me it is pretty good when you are hungry and nothing else is close to you :p
They don’t have tables or chairs, or a place to sit; it is just a small place in a Fuel/Petrol pump station , order your food and manage a place to eat "for me it is usually my car :p

Chicken wrap meal for only AED 22, which is pretty good and tastes good too. It is more like a Chicken Shawerma (if you tried one) with many different sauces (Chili, tzaziki and garlic)

Look at the fries!!I totally loved it, it is curved and looking so cool :p

No carbs shawerma, which is basically funky French fries, topped with chicken shawerma topped with the sauce you like!! It is not that healthy, but still better that a sandwich :p

KebabZ and BunZ is a nice place to try, I didn't LOVE it and didn't hate it as well..
PS.: This is a totally NOT a place for a vegetarian person :p

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maya, Chocolates Heaven

Maya La Chocolaterie

Name: Maya La Chocolaterie
Location: Dalma Mall , Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 550 6746
Cuisine: Café/Chocolaterie
Price: Dhs 40-100

If you are a chocoholic person and you are searching for paradise on earth!! Then this is the place to go!!
Maya is a place that is only dedicated for chocoholics like me hahahaaaaaa
OMG, I cant say enough about this place!!! I am speechless!! Which rarely happens to me :p
I won't say more!! I will just let you see the photos!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Desserts here are to die for..

Chocolate Fondue, with Fresh Strawberries!! Who can say No to that!!

Chocolate Fondant!!

Pistachio cake, amazing colour :D 
Chocolate Mousse, yummy

Some other yummys!! Something as simple as cucumber and cream cheese wrap! I was amazed by how so darn good it was!!
More Chocolate!! Crunchy Brownie!!
Signature Chocolate Pie, Oreo base, pretty heavy!! 

Drinks are amazing too, My all time Fav, Turkish Coffee!!

Hot Chocolate with marshmallow YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Makes me appy

Lemon and mint was good

And the chocolate Frap was not bad!!

Yape!! Chocolates, Desserts!! Vegetarian, no beef (for someone hates beef) :p
and HELL yummy!!
This is the best place for me :D

Maya is a hell MUST go.. 
You guys should fly over here :D
Food will be on me

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tiara for Desserts

  • Name: Tiara Cafe and Restaurant
  • Location: Marina Mall Tower, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 681 9090
  • Cuisine: International
  • Price: Dhs 200-500

Tiara Cafe is a very expensive fancy revolving restaurant, but it is worth it "for a change"
It is located in Marina Mall's Tower, it is really very high, above the water, with an amazing view of the city and the beach..You will feel the sickness before you even arrive up there..
I went there for the 1st time with my sister; as soon as we arrived they offered us these amazing cute tiny complementary drinks!! I didn't know what it was but it was good :p
I personally, didn't like the menu that much, it was mainly French Food, which I am not into, so we went for the cocktails and desserts.
We had a Tiramisu!! So darn good, just the way I love it, spongy, not watery while the coffee flavor was strong, SO Good
The Chocolate moose was so rich and heavenly too
Drinks we had Strawberry and watermelon, they were good and refreshing :D

I still have doubts about eating there, BUT, the view and desserts are worth it, I would definitely go there again to sit, have something sweet and chit chat for hours while watching the city :D
Or even maybe have some courage to try some French food!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lips Cafe

Lips Cafe


Lips Cafe is located in the heart of Marina Mall, usually it is a crowded place, which is something BAAAAD for me :p 
I really DO hate crowded places. Come on, I am a stressed person who likes quiet places, not a place full of screams and kids running like monkeys all around you, it pisses the hell outta me..

BUT!! there is always a BUT, Lips Cafe has some of the BEST  yummy breakfast options that I ever had..

They have this breakfast called Traditional Emirati breakfast, which is special bread called "Khameer" with cheese, honey on the side and Tea with milk to go with it.. This is the classic traditional breakfast in our country :p

 The Belgium Waffles is Simply WOW

Arabic Breakfast!! aint itYummy??

Molten Cake, Speeeeeeeechless

Even the brownie which is something suppose to be simple tastes WAY better here..

Oh man and the pasta is to die for..along with Lemon and Mint Juice "refreshing"

Over all Lips Cafe offers stuff that will make your tummy goes WOW, it is a must go :D