Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oven Express :D LOVE IT

Name: OVEN Express
Location: Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 667 8444
Cuisine: Pizza/ Fast Food
Price: Dhs 20-50
Oven Express is a new place, which was opened recently.. It is somehow a fast food/ Italian/ Lebanese place that offers regular pizza and pizza with a twist :D
Twisted Food always make me feel "HAPPY" yaaaaaaaaay
They have this amazing Double Crust Pizza ..filled with cheese and veggies, I am totally addicted to that, and my friend is addicted to the Chicken Fajita Pizza, all of them look the same but with different fillings :D
This is the regular Veggie Pizza, I loved that it had broccoli :D
Oh, and this is the double crust pizza, so so soooooo GOOD :D
Ohhhh they also have amazing Mini puffs, Love the Spinach Puff and parsley with cheese ones here it is :)
Oh, they also have "Manakeesh" it is basically oven bakes bread with many many toppings, from cheese with Zaatar "some sort herbs" (the pic below)  to sour cream with olives, they also have chicken and beef, in case you are wondering :p
Oven Express offers an amazing vegetarian range of pizza and puffs..
So , Yeaaaaaaaaah, a good place to have some yummy vegetarian food :)