Monday, May 13, 2013

Fuddruckers, Familys Classic :D

Name: Fuddruckers
Location: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02 681 8160
Cuisine: American
Price: Dhs 50-200


For me Fuddruckers means family and friends..
Every time me, my cousins, family or friends wanna hang out; we go to Fuddruckers, TGI Fridays or Chillis..
Well, most of the time we do, why? I don’t know.. Maybe the friendly atmosphere that we can sit and chat for hours while having our drinks refilled :p
Nothing so WOW to write about, most of you know this place for sure and how good and classic the food is..

So here I stop my boring bla bla bla and leave you with the yummy pics :D
Ahhh, I am so in love with the fried Mozarella cheese sticks
Oh, the appetizer platter, sooo darn good, the veggie quesadilla is simply WOW, tastes more like a veggie pizza :D
My cousins are in love with the burgers and the sandwiches, I am not a huge fan of flesh :p

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and this part was from my Birthday <3
A friendly place, with good food, good service and reasonable prices! What is not to like?


  1. We have Fuddruckers here, and the food looks remarkably the same. Giant burgers, lots of ooey, gooey, goodness. My husband loves the burgers, me not so much. Glad you have one there-

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :D It feels good when someone knows what you are talking about :p

  2. It seems a nice place to go eat with friends!
    Happy (belated) birthday sweetie!

  3. Hi dear :) The photos you choose for your last post are so amazing!!
    Need to say that your blog is a good inspiration :)
    Come to see my new post, ill delighted to know your opinion :)

  4. i think we used to have a fuddruckers around my area because my mom always talks about it, but i have never been there. i'm sure they have a veggie burger!

    1. Yape they do have many veggie and salad options too :)

  5. So happy, that you have sometimes good meals :) Looks indeed yummy!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

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  7. Happy belated birthday :) That burger looks so delish!!


  8. everything looks yummy! love the fries

  9. Hi Loly, how you doing? Sorry I'm late in commenting.
    All the food look scrumptious, I especially love the dessert and refreshing drink. :))

    Have a wonderful week ahead. Take care, my love.

    P/S Delete those anonymous comments, they are spam message.

    1. Its ok hun :)
      Thank you for passing by xxx

  10. hi, im opening my 2nd branch of k's cookies bakery at dalma mall very soon, woould be great to have you there, try our selection of cookies and other confectionery items. thanks.

    1. Hopefully will come soon :) Thank you for your sweet invtation

  11. Salam Loly,

    How are you dear? Glad to see you on my blog, hope you are done with shifting and all.
    I've not come across with fuddruckers here, but I can pretty guess with your pictures, all pictures are great except those burgers.

    I would like to get in to your notice it’s time to keep your comment moderator 'ON'. you are getting spammed messages.

    Take care, have a great weekend ahead!

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, still I don't know how to do it :( last time you asked me to remove it and I did :p

    2. oops really sorry for that(I'm holding my ears)...may I help you...Hey dear, do you have F.B account do add me(rashida.shaikh.733), would like to talk with you if you wish to…
      Have a good day.

  12. How could you forget me while making all this?:D:p......

    Lovely food like youh;)