Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Caesars Restaurants- Raha Mall

If you like to dive and eat spicy Indian food, in your own privacy!! Then this is the place to go. It is Located in Al Raha Mall, away from the rush & noise, just pick a private room and order all you can eat and enjoy

Their food is amazingly yummie, especially when it comes to Butter Chicken or Beryani!!
Oh, and if they see your face many times there (like I do, lol)  they will even offer you a loyalty card which gives u a 10% discount for each visit!! Aint that cool XD

Here are some pics to help you understand what i mean by Big Time Yummie :D

Papadum and Dippings

The amazing speechless Butter Chicken and some Naan for dipping

 3 different typed of Kabaabs with some Hummus & all of them were amazingly yummie too..

Again, Some Butter Chicken and Chicken Beryani (I am drooling)

Of Course in each visit the Butter Chicken is a MUST, There is an Indian Veggie Mix, and Chelo Kabaab which was amazingly good too

Look how yummie is that!!

Chicken Lazanga, Yummie as well..

Some Veggie Noodles, which my Sis loved

Chicken Appetizers, which I found very cute in a basket of fries

This is a Fajita, Chicken Lasagna & Daal

Warm Yummie Naan, Plain or Buttered!!

They have good range of drinks too..

I won't advise you to go for desserts there, it is not tasty and not worth the extra calories XD

and Finally after all that eating !!?? Kick Back and enjoy some green tea (if your tank is not so full yet XD

Bon appetit :)


  1. Girl, 1 thing I know for sure from reading your blogs, is that you EAT GOOOOOOOOOD :D you are the perfect eating companion :p

  2. Wow, that sure is a LOT of food. OK, will give it a go some time this year :-)

    I have had cake from Caesars, but not the food .. not yet anyway.

    Have a good week ahead!