Friday, December 30, 2011

Al Dhafra Restaurant- Traditional Foodies


  • Name: Al Dhafra Restaurant
  • Location: Al Meena, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 673 2266
  • Cuisine: Emirati
  • Price: Dhs 50+
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

This restaurant is located near the fish market, Mena Area, Far away from the rush & za7maah, with an amazing Sea & Yacht view..
If you like Traditional UAE food, I guess this is the best place to go, with an amazingly reasonably cheap prices, if you will compare it to other restaurants and the food is amazingly delicious.. (huh, believe it or not, I liked it even better than the Fancy Emirati Restaurant "Mezlai" at Emirates Palace)

What makes it more fun is that you can have your lunch in private rooms (next to each other under the same roof) haha, which makes it even more fun when a dating couple is in the room next to you ** haha, time for fun and making strange funny sounds**

Here are some pictures of the food we had

This is my Favourite Harees EVER, it is so good :)
OK, now for those whom are wondering what Harees is!! It is wheat, soaked overnight, then simmered in water along with meat and butter. then remaining liquid will be strained and the mixture is beaten and seasoned :D
I know it sounds weird, but many people tried it for the 1st time and loved it..

Hummus (always a winner)

Lemon & Mint Juice, So refreshing..

(another traditional meal, which is mainly specially made bread, cut into small cubes, soaked with beef stew and veggies)

I am not a beef person but I loved this (it is pitta bread, buttered then stuffer with spiced minced beef and grilled)

(It is traditional dessert here) It is made of flour, sugar, cardamon, saffron and oil.. tastes yummie)
Love it, this was with zaffron, yaaaaay (This is a traditional bite size balls, sweet fried dumplings covered with syrup and sprinkled with sesame seed)

Traditional Emirates Feast, come and join us :D

Ohhh, other things that I loved about this place are the decoration, fabrics, colours and seats!!! TOTALLY cool and different than any other easting experience that you had before, not fancy, but really cozy and different.
I simply LOVE it..

Bil Hana wish shifa :D Bon Appetit in Arabic

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  1. This is one of my best placese, i simple love the food :)