Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MacDonald's, Here I come :p

I am back to my sweet Food Blog.. The last few months were like hell to me, as some of you know, my 2 adorable babies got stolen, and I couldn't find them at all. I've done everything I could, but nothing yet.
Fingers crossed, hoping that one day I'll be able to find them..
Lately I've been on a JUNK food diet, real BIG time JUNK. I wasn't in the mood to pamper myself or to go to fancy places..

So here we go again, THE ONE AND ONLY !!??

  • Name: MacDonald's
  • Location: Airport Road , Abu Dhabi
  • Cuisine: Fast Food
  • Price: Dhs 10-50
I would never say no to MacDonald's, it is one of my favourite junks. I find it really delicious (with the condition of “LESS MAYO PLZ”) or you will be swimming in Mayo and lettuce pool..

I've been busy lately driving from pet market to Vets to Animal Shelter to police stations to Newspapers and many others, so I wasn't in the mood for a fancy restaurant.
I like MacDonald's it is fast, filling, kinda yummy, quick and cheap.. I can’t understand why some people hate it!! How CAN they!!
Here are some pics of all the meals that I had :p you can imagine how FAT I became :p

The Big Breakfast!! :D I love the hash brown

Oreo Mc Flurry :D SOOOOOOOOOOO good

Everything can get better with Caramel ..

MacChicken, nice

Big Mac Beef, VERY good :D

Big Mac Chicken, ah, good

Big Tasty, mmm, Naaaaaaaaaaaah

Limited Edition: Asian MacChicken, hell spicy, ouch

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Spring rolls!!! at MacDonalds!! CoooooooooL

Mac Arabia, Very good, amazing flavour in the bread

Veggie Burger, this was suppose to be a little more healthy, but........ DAMN TOO MUCH MAYO

So which one is your Favourite !! :D


  1. Sorry to hear about your dogs :( Good luck with the search. I'm not a fan of McDonald's at all apart from the apple pie. I didn't know they did spring rolls and Mac Arabia!

  2. Wow I was surprised to see the spring rolls.I have admit that I love the big macs, but I don't go to McDonald's. The food is not so good for you.
    Good to see that you are back.

  3. Welcome back LoLy! I'm so sorry to hear the "kids" haven't returned. Fingers crossed...

    Okay, McDonald's is not a favorite of mine either. As a matter of fact, I just learned Burger King came out with a new "questionable" dessert made with bacon.

    Perhaps you need to focus on healthier food for a while. You don't want those kids coming home to a sick mom:) Just a thoughtful thought of course:)

    Glad to "see" you back!

  4. Glad to See you back :) I'm praying that you will be able to find your babies back

  5. Thanks for your comment at my blog! It's interesting to see the differences in our culture, we don't have spring rolls, asian burger, arabic burger or Big Mac Chicken in Australia. Mac breakfast and the other burgers look the same. Can see how these fast food company gone globalised but still tailored to the local markets.

  6. Good to See you back, Be Strong and hang on there xx

  7. Your pictures make me hungry

  8. WOW, You make Macdonalds look so good in your pictures!