Friday, June 22, 2012

Pizza Hut, HELL YES


  • Name: Pizza Hut
  • Location: Muroor, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 600 56 9999
  • Cuisine: Fast Food
  • Price: Dhs 20-100
  • Website :
My all time Favourite, love it no matter what..
The crispy margarita pizza is amazing and I am a HUGE fan of their coleslaw salad, one of the best.. you have to admit that it is very difficult to find a good coleslaw salad out there.. Believe me :p
They used to have olives in the salad bar, but not anymore :'( which made me feel really bad
I don’t know what else to say, simply YUMMY
Every now and then they have something FUN and new in their Menu, like the Calzone, stuffed pizza!!
and the new crown Pizza!! Looks kinda funny, but good..
Here are few pics that I saved :)

This is the Calzone Pizza, which is pretty good

The Cheesy Bites Pizza, Me like it big time :D all these yummy baby bites all around the pizza!!


Cheesy Pops, I didn't like them that much, they got cold and hard so fast, I couldn't enjoy it at all..

Salad, Yummy Love it and some Cheesy Garlic Bread!!! who wanna join :p

This is my ALL time Favourite, a small crispy pizza, veggie or cheese!!

Ok, who wanna join us!! a wonderful relaxing lunch on a beach!! with a great sunny weather :D
Life couldn't be better!!

That is it for now dear friends..
an advise, ALL of you should go out to eat on picnic more, on a beach or a park..
Away from all the yucky stress.. 
It will make you feel waaaaaaaay better ..
Enjoy it with fun friends or family.. 
Make it time to remember :)


  1. I am in, Count me in for your Next Picnic, just tell me when and where :p
    Don't worry, I can be a fun friend :p

  2. Hi Loly, I do enjoy pizza too. Can I join you for your picnic?

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hi Loly, the calzone in California is VERY delicious. I have not tried ones here. Maybe I should try making at home:D I like your suggestion to go picnic at a beach or a park to de-stress. Have a stress free weekend my dear.

  4. Your freinds are very lucky :D You know how to eat and have fun at the same time :D

  5. I love Pizza Hut's pizza too. It is really good stuff.

  6. HEy Loly!!! I'm literally drooling looking at these yummy pics!! I'm gonna go to Pizza Hut now! :D

  7. I love pizza hut, but I hate sitting inside and eat, cuz the place is smelly and the oil smell, sticks into you