Friday, July 20, 2012

Alfredo Cafe!! Smelly place..

  • Name: Alfredo Cafe
  • Location: Muroor, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel:  02 645 2020
  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Price: Dhs 40-200

I knew Alfredo through "Groupon", I went there after work for the 1st time..
(and second, but last, I always like to give a place a second chance, just to be sure before adding it to my X List)

The Indian Cashier was HELL "F"ing rude, that I hated his guts..He was a very very rude grumpy guy *YUCK* "It's is not my problem if he had a fight with his GF". The worst thing for me is the bad service. For God's sake, I am paying for what I get, am not asking you for a favour!!

There is nothing so WOW about the food "if not much LESS"..Alfredo has a classic Café Menu that includes salads, sandwiches, pasta and drinks.

I had the "Simply Cheese Sandwich", The Burger Bread was TOO BIG and DRY, while the filling was very little, a slice of dry Halloumi Cheese!! The only good thing about it was the French fries, fresh salad and coleslaw for 29 AED

a Fruit Drink for AED 22, which wasn't bad..

The Chicken Wrap was good, also comes with French fries, fresh salad and coleslaw for AED 34

 The Nutella Crepe was HELL dry!! How come!! I don't know, like they heated the bread in a microwave and got so damn hard, and was covered in white flour!! Another BIG NO

 Oh oh oh, and the place, smells like hell, I could smell the onion and garlic before entering the place, I was so disgusted from the smell that I gave them my order and I told them I'll wait in my car.. The smell of the place SUX..

A totally not cool place to go "at ALL" a big NO NOOOOOO


  1. You're right about that Nutella crepe , it looks unappetizing ! :P Bad service , so-so food ?! They should close that cafe ! lol

    1. LOL, Yeah, I guess they should, XD

  2. Yeah, the Crepe looks bad and tat burger!! I won't eat that at all, LOL

    1. I could use a good fun crazy GF right now for some gossiping and crazy, you can join me if you want :D

  3. Doesn't sound good at all :( The smell alone would make me leave.

  4. Hi Loly,

    Cake Looks Delicious !!!

    Neat presentation:))

    Keep up this GooD work...

  5. Ugh, I wouldn't have given them a second chance!

    1. Ah, I know..I just wanted to be sure that the food is not worth it :p

  6. Dont you hate a bad meal on top of bad service!?! Sorry to hear that!

  7. I totally hate it whan I go dining in a restaurant and I leave the place smelling like I've been cooking

  8. I hate smelly places too, even if they have great food..

  9. Omg so yummy... i want to try it but .... it's in abu dabhi :s
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?