Sunday, January 1, 2012

Café Arabia- Amazing Breakfast, Poor Service


  • Name: Cafe Arabia
  • Location: Between Al Karama and Airport Road, Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 643 9699
  • Cuisine: Arabic, Cafe, Outdoor Seating
  • Price: Dhs 50- 200

It is New Year, So Happy New year everyone :p
It is the perfect time to be pessimistic (kidding)

The informal atmosphere and food are superb at Cafe Arabia, but your whole experience will be ruined by the VERY poor service.
I've been few times and on each occasion I have been extremely disappointed by the lazy staff (STILL, they have amazing food).
If you decided to go there, you should expect being totally ignored and delayed for a very long time before someone noticing that you entered the cafe, someone brings you the Menu, someone asks you what you wanna order, NEVER anyone will check on you while you are eating if you need anything, and to get a bill, you have to go run after them and grab a waiter by his neck or you will sit there for hours without anyone noticing you..
Well, I am NOT totally a sweet, quiet, nice girl. I am good at shouting, screaming and being crazy (sometimes, when it is only required), that is why I don’t mind going there again and again and again, as long as I am having amazing delicious food :p
I love the rooms with cushy cushions; they are great for dinner with friends and even kids, as well as relaxing on the white leather sofas having breakfast.

A tip: they have amazing breakfasts.. Here is the place

Now lets see some yummies :)

Speechless Molten Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream (I never had anything better than this)

Scrambled Egg Saaj (SO yummie) & Watermelon Juice

Zaatar Labneh Saaj ( it was OK, too dry, too much Zaatar, so little Labneh)

Classic Club Sandwich (a Classic, GOOD)

Full Arabic Breakfast (LOVE IT, it comes with Foul, Feta Cheese, Labneh, Olives, Bread Basket, a cold and a hot Drink )

Full Arabic Breakfast + Grilled Halloumi Cheese (Amazingly good)

Now Lets See some of the drinks I had :D
Affogato (amazing expresso with vanilla ice cream)

Lemon Ice Tea (Refreshing and good)

Moroccan Tea (Love the fresh mint flavour)

Espresso (Time to Wake Up :p

Lemon with Mint & a Latte

Now after seeing all these yummie pics!! you blame me why I go back there again !!
I just cant not going to a place with great food, not matter what :p


  1. The food does look amazing, I can see why you like to eat there. It is too bad that they have poor service. Happy New Year!

  2. I hate it when places have great food but bad service :( The food looks amazing though!

  3. Well, the food does look fabulous!!! I would be so annoyed with their lousy service, though~

  4. Well the venue and food look delicious but there is not a lot worse than bad service.
    Thank you for your visit and comment. :))

  5. The food looks AMAZING, specially the molten cake, but I would never go there if they have such a horrible service..

  6. Good grief, they were NEVER so BAD before :-( Pity!!

    Anyways, glad the food is still good!! The owner may read your blog ... so I hope they improve!!

  7. I just went today - Will do a follow up comment on my latest blog entry just for you :-)

    In summary ...
    It was much improved!

  8. I love the UAE foods and tradition of serving the foods. All things are perfects
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