Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Biela Café-a place that I will NEVER Go

  • Name: Biela Cafe
  • Location: Marina Mall, Ras Al Akhdhar, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 681 8114
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Price: Dhs 200-400
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes 
Biela -a place that I will NEVER Go
I only used to go to this place because my best friend likes hanging out there and she liked the food there. I had a bad feeling about that place it from the 1st time, you know something is wrong!!

Once I found a black thick hair in the pizza, I wanted to vomit; I was so sick and disgusted!!

Another time my cousin was there and she saw a "RAT" running there!! In the café!! Food and RAT!!?? You can imagine the rest............

The last time, I ordered white sauce pasta, and STILL I found another disgusting hair there. That is it, I am not a fan of BIG fights or seen, but I had it. No one wants to be poisoned and paying for it!!
I had a HUGE fight with the waiter, chef, manager and that was my last time there.
I prefer being DEAD than eating that disgusting food EVER again.
My cousin agreed too, she said Biela Café in Marina Mall is not CLEAN at all, she still goes there, but to the other Branch in Abu Dhabi Mall. For me, not matter what branch, it is on my "X List"

Don't be fooled by these pictures

Goat Cheese Salad (poorly executed)

Mozzarella Salad (slightly rubbery mozzarella)

Roasted Potatoes

White Sauce Pasta with HAIR

Never Again

Nothing else I would like to write about this place, and I don’t recommend it at all. If you want to be poisoned with Rats and full of hair food, go there :p


  1. I do not blame you for eschewing the restaurant in question. I don't understand your bf continuing to patronize the place and now going to a branch of it.
    I used to love a certain Chinese restaurant in Louisiana, went there often for years. One time got take-out and my daughter found a roach in her dish. Was last time went there.

  2. Anthony, LOL, I used to go there with my best friend, a girl :) and I totally understant what your daughter went thru

  3. Sorry to hear about this...sauce with hair? oh...that's not something pleasant.

  4. You are doing right dear..It should be in "X list"
    RatTTT.HaiRRR...Yucks !

  5. It happened to me too (hair stuff), NEVER for that place.