Thursday, January 12, 2012

Emirates Palace- Mezlai

  • Name: Mezlai
  • Location: Emirates Palace Hotel, Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 690 9000
  • Cuisine: Emirati
  • Price: Dhs 500+
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

I found out something about me!! I am totally not into going to Fancy, Expensive, Charming Classy restaurants, where you should be so quiet and watching out that your fork won't fall to the floor, or everyone will give you that look!!

 I wouldn’t mind going there once every now and then for a change or to try new food (If it is worth eating). To tell you the truth, I've been to the fanciest restaurant and I've been to the most humble place for UAE Traditional food!! Believe it or not!! I liked the second one way much more & the food was much tastier.
I prefer being "ME" when I eat, laugh, joke, be crazy, have fun & eat just the way I like it..
Well, I guess it is difficult to LOVE Mezlai, it is not a bad restaurant at all, but the simple fact is: There are many tastier and much much much cheaper Emirati restaurants around Abu Dhabi..

Ok, to be fair, Staff at Mezlai aren’t just polite and friendly – they’re some of the warmest and most genuine in the city, showing you that famous Arabian hospitality. True, their nervous interjections do get a bit irritating, but, like the pre-sit down coffee and dates you’ll be offered in the restaurant’s majlis, it’s all part of the Mezlai experience

As you enter the restaurants, they offer you Arabic Coffee and Dates

Sit in the Majles and enjoy (I loved these, mini biscuits filled with halwa)


The Menu

Fancy Water Glasses !! nothing to do with Emirates Tradition!!

Bread Basket

Dipping!! Mashed Olives!! that is for sure nothing to do with Emirates Traditional Food!!!

Regag Bread ( traditional UAE bread) oven baked, very thin, like a crepe, and then stuffed with Eggs & Cheese and Zaatar (So Good)

From inside

Chicken Harees (not tasty at all)
UAE Traditional Food: The wheat is soaked overnight, then simmered in water along with meat or (CHICKEN)and butter. Any remaining liquid is strained and the mixture is beaten and seasoned. This one was a chicken, meat is waay nicer than chicken, richer and more flavour..

Chicken Beryani (Good, Nothing WOW about it)

Different Dips

Traditional Emirates Dessert: "Sago" is a starch extracted from the pith of sago palm stems. Sago is often produced in the form of "pearls". They Boil these pearls with water, add some sugar, saffron, cardamon and other flavours to make a sweet sago pudding.. :)

Mezlai UAE Restaurant at Emirates palace, will I go there again!! No. 
It was good to go there, to find out about the place, and enjoy the amazing service of being treated like a queen :p you get what u pay for of course..


  1. You are very lucky eating all these luxurious food at Dubai. *Envy*

    1. LOL, Thank you, you are welcome anytime :p

  2. Looks fancy. I think I also like the less expensive places to eat, I like being myself also.

  3. OUCH! That's expensive.

    At least the service was good, right :-)

    1. It was expensive.. BUT the food could be better..

  4. I agree, The taste of the food is normal, as you said "nothing to WOW you" OVERLY expensive for less than normal food, Dhafra Restaurant has a 1000000 times better Harees for less than 20 Dhs, compared to 80 Dhs for a tasteless harees, I've been to both places too and I know it

  5. Is halvar a confection made with sesame seeds?
    That teacart was beautiful.
    What is majles?
    Arabic coffee, is it like Turkish coffee? Is it flavoured?
    The breads look great.

    1. Yes, Thank you.
      Majles , is more like an arabic ground seating with cushions..
      Arabic Coffee is much lighter than Turkish Coffee, taste and colour, and it wont come with sugar or flavour at all..
      It contains 3 cups water, 2 Tablespoons ground decaffeinated coffee, 3 Tablespoons cardamom and teaspoon saffron all boiled.. If you would like to know more about it, this link might help you :)

      Hopefully that helped :)