Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mexican Amerigos- NEVER AGAIN

  • Name: Amerigos
  • Location: Park Inn, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 656 2222
  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Price: Dhs 200-400
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
I went there once, I don’t think I will go there ever again..
Potions are too small and food is tasteless. I have always thought that Mexican food is full of taste and spice, which prove wrong in this place..

-          1st we received the complimentary tortilla chips and salsa freezing cold, and when I say freezing cold I MEAN IT, like just out from the freezer..
-          Food arrived in the table COLD, not sizzling, not HOT, not even warm..
-          It is not a nice place to sit and enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner, since kids and family running out and in to the swimming pool next to you..
-          The menu is full of less familiar dishes, so if you are not familiar, you will get totally lost with all these Mexican words
-          For a Mexican restaurant, the place has not the slightest hint of a Latin theme

 Drinks (Apple, Mint, Lemon)

Freezing cold Chips and Salsa

Chicken Fajita (Very small portion, I was shocked, I thought we will have rice or tortilla, but nothing, only few stripes of chicken and onions)

And this was supposed to be grilled chicken breast as the waiter explained, but BOOM, it turned out to be watery oven baked duck !!

For me, directly out of the fridge food (I hate cold food) it was a bad experience and a TOTAL WASTE of money :(


  1. Sorry to hear that Loly... :(
    Once I prepared Mexican Fajita, it was nice. Cheesy mmmm..
    Nevertheless, I like the way you penned down your feelings

    1. WOW, nothing compares to your own cooking, your own extra stuff on the plate :D

  2. Really, that's one cuisine that no other country outside the US has nailed - Even in Australia, the only cuisine that was CRAPPY (pardon my french) was mexican - I am told that even the US version is not original at all - oh well - sorry to hear about your bad experience!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and do come back, join my blog and be part of the fun - doing the same for you! cheers, Priya

    1. I totally agree, I never been to a Mexican restaurant and said "WOW, I LOVE IT"

  3. first time here and liked it.nice to know more abt the place to go and not to go.

    do visit my blog too

  4. Cold food is awful. We have a few Mexican restaurants around here and the sauces are fabulous and the food is sizzling hot.

  5. Ewww, hate cold food