Thursday, January 5, 2012

Le Pont Cafe- Cake's Heaven

  • Name: Le Pont Cafe
  • Location: Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 666 4022
  • Cuisine: Cafe/ Takeaway
  • Price: Dhs 50-Above
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

A small Cafe in the heart of Khalidiya. They have some of the FANCIEST desserts and a nice range of delicious Mini Sandwiches (I loved the Mini feta cheese sandwich, amazing flavor, Feta Mixed with fresh dill)..
They are specialized in amazing "Never Seen Before Cakes", but watch it, they are VERY expensive, a small designed cake will start from 600/700 DHS to God knows how much. I guess we should stick to the mini desserts & sandwiches only, forget about the Birthday or Anniversary cakes LOL..

They have an amazing dessert I remember trying it 1st time with my brother, I just loved it.
Strawberry Basket, It is HEAVEN "you will see it in a while". The basket is made of biscuit, covered with chocolate, then a layer of fluffy cram, then another layer of light sponge cake, topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce. The amazing thing about this dessert is that all these amazing sugary ingredients are there, but when you take a bite, you don’t feel the sugar rush to your brain. It is not too sweet, it is just perfect.. and costs nearly 20 DHS

Another thing if you are going there, this place is for takeaway only, no seating available, just the shop. Go there pick your desserts or Mini Sandwiches (Each around 5 DHS) or even make an order for an anniversary cake and leave :p

Here are the pictures :D

Assorted Mini Sandwiches
They are very fancy, don't look at the plate, this is the only thing i had in my car to take these pictures before I eat them 

Mini Chicken Burger (Good)

Mini Cheddar Sandwich (Naaah,dull, plain, nothing special, never again)

Mini Halloumi Sandwich (Naaaaah, not tasty at all)

Mini Chicken Sandwich (Soooooooo GOOD, Yape the bread is triangle)

Mini Feta Cheese Sandwich (with dill, such an amazing flavor all together)

Monster Large Macaroon (never seen such a big French macaroon) Yummie, but a bit chewy

Strawberry Basket

The layers from inside

Heaven, sitting alone, no one bugging you, watching the beach and enjoying these desserts. Nothing can be better today :D

Here is a Birthday Cake (Egg Shaped) that my brother got for my Dad's Birthday, This is the Classic cake in the Cafe (not Ordered or designed) so it costs around 300 DHS

a Large Milk Chocolate Egg, filled with many layers of yummy whipped cream and fluffy light cake and fruits in between

Soooooooooo GOOD :D

This is a "MUST GO" if you even been to Abu Dhabi, just pick whatever you like, and go the the beach, sit, eat and enjoy :)

Have a wonderful peaceful day..


  1. You sat by the beach having all that wonderful food ? :-)

    Lucky you!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Looks sooo yummm :) First time on ur blog. Glad to follow you. Happy New Year !!!

  3. wow...looks sensational & awesome..
    great post..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  4. Everything looks amazing. Love the desserts. I would love to sit by a beach and have some great food.

  5. Julian, It is amazing weather these days for being out :)
    Thank you, Teena Mary, Jay & Words Of Deliciousness , it is totally amazing to spend a relaxing day out by the beach :)

  6. Hey Loly , love all that deliciousness ;) I nearly drooled hahaha Anyway , greetings from Hongkong !!! ;)

  7. Anne, LOL , Glad to have you here :)

  8. Lots of tasty food here. Love the triangle bread for that sandwich. The desserts look amazing.

  9. These look so delicious and cute!Happy new year to you :)

  10. Girl, you know how to enjoy your day :)

  11. what about the strawberry heaven how much is it ? and for how many people?