Monday, January 9, 2012

Colombiano Coffee House

  • Name: Colombiano Coffee House
  • Location: Marina Mall, Ras Al Akhdhar, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 681 5533
  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Price: Dhs 50-200
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Colombiano Café is one of my favorite placese in Abu Dhabi (if) I am craving good ice creams, brownies, or chocolate molten cake (ONLY, nothing more).
The place is amazing, it is different, the splashing and running water all around the place.. and the colorful design of tiles and seats. It is totally perfect for girls looooooong cozy talks.

I visit them every now and then, whenever I am craving ice creams, however the last few times were most disappointing. The service turned VERY poor, I had to actually look & call for a waiter to place , philipino staff just giving us their back and chatting together, 30 minutes delay just to have a salad!!! and the cake was a like from the last week, the kiwi slice and strawberry was totally wilted and dry, they just covered it with chocolate sauce so we won't notice it, they had to change it. Next time I visit them, I really hope there will be an improvement in their yucky poor service

Lemon with Mint (The best I had)

Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (Sent from heaven, so darn good)

Chocolate Loving Cake (Yummy)

Chocolate Ice Cream and Brownies (HEAVEN) so good..

I was craving something simple, just plain sorbets, Lemon, Strawberry and Mango, it was good..

Fruit Cake (OK)

Tiramisu (Yummy)

Yummies :D (LOVE)

Turkish Coffee (Stay the hell away from this, it tastes like Cuban Cigar, not coffee)

Greek Salad (Good)

 Ohhhhhhhh and this was the Bad Cake, look at the fruits !! can anyone eat that!! the strawberry was like my Grandma's skin!!
Oh, another thing that got my nerves and REALLY pissed me off (not once, not twice, nearly the last 4 times) the bill is 30 Dhs, I give them 50, and the return the next 20 ALL IN COINS!!?? What the hell!!  Do I look like I am carrying a piggy bank for all these coins with me!! Does that mean they will force me to leave a Tip!!?? Usually I leave a 10 Dhs tips every time, but when they do this!!?? I won't leave a single tip..

They even did the same for my friend and it pissed her off too!!?? How silly and stupid is that!!

I won't say don’t go there, go enjoy the dessert, but you have to watch it before you dig in, make sure it is fresh.. and watch how much they will return from the bill..


  1. pictures are very beautiful....I am sure they are so delicious,Hope you enjoyed your visit to this restaurant...
    Thanks for visiting me & I am following you now...

  2. Thanks for this great information. I will visit this cafe if I go to Dhabi.

  3. Thanks for your following and taking time to leave your comment so that I find my way here. Beautiful shots of the restaurant and the food. I am sure you have enjoyed yourself there. We have a lot to share and hope to see you drop by often. Hugs.

  4. I love the pictures. It is too bad the last dessert wasn't what you thought it should be.

  5. I’m already following you...:)
    Your visit to Colombiano Coffee House seems great…
    bit jealous ;) my weakness Cakes & chocolates

  6. wow..sounds great...wanna giv a try once I chance to dubai..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. gosh what a wonderful place to have nice cake and coffee.thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. wow! did you have it all? , yummy and mouth watering dessert!

    all the best in 2012...

    mrs. food

  9. Love the molten cake, Thank you for sharing :)

  10. hahahahah you're so mean
    Grandma's skin you say!