Sunday, January 22, 2012

My 2 adorable Dogs got Stolen :'(

Today 21/01/2012 at around 11 pm, both my Dogs got stolen; The Lock was broken and the Dogs were Gone!!
I searched everywhere, but couldn't find them..

Hopefully this will help even if there is a 1% chance that someone will recognize them..
I am crossing my fingers that the thief will be so stupid to post them online for sale or something!!
I know, whom am I lying to!!
But still, I don’t know anything else to do!! I am taking all the chances..

This is Roxy, Female Husky,  2 years old, Microchip # 900 026 000 212 797
Very lovely and hyper girl, who loves to play with strangers :'( the main reason why she got stolen..

Look what a good girl she is !!

Roxy on a Trip

Playing on the grass..

Stealing a cracker and looking innocent :p

This is Bama, Male, Black Pomeranian, same as Roxy, very hyper and loves to play with everyone :'(
 Look at his adorable face :(

That eyes could make me cry again right now :'( how innocent baby look !!

Here, he was hiding after his shower :'(

I know this may take me nowhere, but at least I  know that I didn't give up on them and that I tried..
I posted the information on Facebook ( ), My friends wall, Animal Action, K9, Animal Shelter,  and my blog,  for the last 6 hours I was doing nothing but crying..

I am not allowed to say this, but I wish, I wish from all my heart, that the guy who stole my dogs, will have the worst incurable disease EVER, and he will suffer badly for the rest of his miserable life ..

Don't know what else to say, but it hurts big time..

Plzz pray that I will find my babies :'(


2nd Day 
22 Jan 2012
They were stolen from my house, if you live in Abu Dhabi, Bahya area!! near Shahama!! Street # 35, The Lock was broken and both dogs were gone..
I reported to the Police came, Took some pictures, filed a report and they said "They are stolen and it happened before to other people" but they didn't find the stolen dogs :( that even made me feel worst.. 
Today I went to all the pet shops in Abu Dhabi, Hoping that I will find them, but nothing at all..
Now I am working on a "Lost Dogs" flyer, I will print it and post it everywhere tomorrow, Shops, Spinnys, Vets, Abela..
Hopefully someone may be able to help :(

Day Number 3!! 
23 Jan 2012
I printed around 100 "Lost Dogs" flyer with all the details, went to all Vets, British, German and American Vet, they will post it!! Hopefully someone will recognize them and call me back, remaining flyers, I posted some of them on the street near our home, Municipality guy came and asked me to take it off and that I is not allowed L
Then I went to Spinnys and Abela to post it on their walls!! They said Municipality wont allowed them to have any pets post!! What the hell!!
OMG, I feel that I was so useless today, I stayed in my car and cried for hours..
On my way back home, I just kept giving the flyers to whomever I see walking in the street and telling them there is a BIG award if they find the dogs ..
I just feel so useless today :'(

Day Number 4 and 5 ??

Nothing promising so far..
I went to all the Vets and animal shelters!!
I keep going to the Pet Market every single day !! Nothing Yet,
Following up with the police case too, which is TOTALLY not promising..
 I am following up with Dubaimoon online souq,,!! Hopefully that I will find my babies there!!
I had few extra flayers, gave them away to anyone I see walking in the streets!!
I don’t know what else I can do!!?? 
Nothing yet..

7th Day!!
It's been a whole week!!
I've done everything I could.. Nothing promising, nothing so far!! I wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

I am so worried, hopefully they are fine and they will come back to me, I can't think of anything thing else to do (Police, Vets, shelters, bulletin boards, posters, flyers), there is nothing else I can do but following up and waiting, which is killing me.. But still your support and help means the world to me and make the pain little less.. 

2nd WEEK!!
3rd Feb 2012

It's nearly 2nd week and still nothing about my dogs, I hope I will find them, or someone will see them around..

Even 7days, Sean, was so kind to help me and write about it, hoping that it will help me. Here is a link, plzz share it with everyone you know..
You never know, who may help..

I don't know what else to do, just following up with all the Online Pet offers. 
Tomorrow I will go again to Sharja's Pet Market and Dubai, will spread more flyers to people and will keep my eyes open on dogs!!

3rd WEEK!!
10th Feb 2012

Sometimes when something "REALLY BAD" happens to you!! You think about it, maybe it happened for a good reason!!

I was never involved in animal shelters, adopting or abandoned dogs, but since I lost my dogs, I just can't stop thinking of adopting a dog, saving a soul, adopting a dog who really NEEDS a home, not buying another dog, ADOPT, or at least ask people to adopt.
At least I try to educate people I know about adopting and animal cruelty!!

 I read so much about animal cruelty and dog fights; it makes me so sick. I am just so worried of what is happening to my babies; DAMN those sick twisted people who treat animals in a bad way, may they suffer for the rest of a very very very long life.

I am even thinking of going back to being a vegetarian "once was as a teenage for several years". At least I won't have to KILL a powerless speechless soul and eat FLESH!!
Losing my babies opened my eyes to so many things that I never knew..

Many people are telling me that I am going CRAZY.
LOSING IT and I am getting so HYSTERICAL about it.
 I am not, I just care more or at least now I "KNOW" that I am doing something to make the WORLD a better place!! At least I am trying.

I do miss my babies like crazy and every time I take a look at the pictures it makes me cry and hurts like hell

Wish Me Luck, I Need It..

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mexican Amerigos- NEVER AGAIN

  • Name: Amerigos
  • Location: Park Inn, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 656 2222
  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Price: Dhs 200-400
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
I went there once, I don’t think I will go there ever again..
Potions are too small and food is tasteless. I have always thought that Mexican food is full of taste and spice, which prove wrong in this place..

-          1st we received the complimentary tortilla chips and salsa freezing cold, and when I say freezing cold I MEAN IT, like just out from the freezer..
-          Food arrived in the table COLD, not sizzling, not HOT, not even warm..
-          It is not a nice place to sit and enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner, since kids and family running out and in to the swimming pool next to you..
-          The menu is full of less familiar dishes, so if you are not familiar, you will get totally lost with all these Mexican words
-          For a Mexican restaurant, the place has not the slightest hint of a Latin theme

 Drinks (Apple, Mint, Lemon)

Freezing cold Chips and Salsa

Chicken Fajita (Very small portion, I was shocked, I thought we will have rice or tortilla, but nothing, only few stripes of chicken and onions)

And this was supposed to be grilled chicken breast as the waiter explained, but BOOM, it turned out to be watery oven baked duck !!

For me, directly out of the fridge food (I hate cold food) it was a bad experience and a TOTAL WASTE of money :(

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Casttello Restaurant, Smokers Heaven YUCK

  • Name: Casttello Restaurant
  • Location: Mina, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 673 3344
  • Cuisine: Italian-Lebanese
  • Price: Dhs 100-500
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

I just love the location of this restaurant, it is far away from the crowdedness and you can never have a parking problem. They have a good food range and they have a nice presentation too..

The prices are little expensive for such a place..
What I really hate about this place is that they don’t have a smoking free area, which SUX. You sit to enjoy a meal and all you eat and breath is the smoke from people smoking (Pretending being Bob Marley, which they never WILL, not in a million year) and having disgusting Shisha. I just wanna know! What the hell is cool and healthy about that!!
That is F***ingy bad for our lungs!!??? Am not ready to die yet, or at least not being DEAD because of cancer!!

Here are some pictures, they have very nice drinks

I hated that they had only yucky Evian Water

Bread Basket (Warm and nice)


Hummus (VERY Good)

Grilled Halloumi Cheese (It was HELL salty)

Fried Kebbah (I love how they present it in a tortilla basket)

Stuffed Vine Leaves (Gotta Love it)

Cheese Pizza

Tiramisu (Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Overall, Nice location, Nice food, Nice service, you will enjoy this place if you are a smoker, but if you don’t smoke and hate smoking, this is TOTALLY not the place for you (to start having cancer)..
For me, it is on my "X List"..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Classic Cafe La Brioche

  • Name: La Brioche
  • Location: Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi
  • Tel: 02 643 4822
  • Cuisine: Café- French
  • Price: Dhs 50-200
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

Another classic typical cafe..
La Brioche is a cafe that was established in 1978, so nearly as old as I am :p
Anyway, it is just above average and a good option for those seeking an alternative to a hotel brunch. La Brioche is a French style cafe that serves Mediterranean mains, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and a GOOD breakfast menu (Breakfasts seems to be the best thing here)

I usually go to this cafe and enjoy the outdoor seating, while having a decent breakfast. The thing I like about this place they open as early as at 7 am perfect time for a good breakfast..

Again, Which means every time I go there, I see my uncle sitting there too, having his Orange Juice and a pie!! Every single day!! The same place!! The same Cafe, the same chair, Ain't that boring!! OK, he is kinda old above 50y :p you cant blame him..

Here are some drinks (a very good range)

Here comes some of the breakfast and food options :D

Classic Breakfast Omelet & Sandwich

Chicken Panini (Good)

Club Sandwich (Nice)

Eggs Benedict (Dull)

Vegetables and Cheese Omelet

Penne Pasta with white sauce and Chicken (Really good)

Bread Basket :p

Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potatoes with Lemon and Dill Sauce

Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and Mushroom Sauce

Take away Chicken Sandwich (My Favourite) :p

and the Desserts :D

They had this cute Teddy Bear bread in the display !! ain't that cute!!

Chocolate Moose

a classic Opera

Tiramisu (Too watery)

Eclair (LOVE IT)

Overall, It is a nice place for having a decent breakfast or lunch :)